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96well Kit
Product Name
3D Cell Culture System - 96well kit
Cat no.
For 96-Well Plate
Product Explanation
- Cellrix 3D Culture System developed with new 3D cell culture technology
- 3D cell culture kit customized for 96 well plate
- Forms implantable 3D culture deposited with cell, creates cell environment closest to in-vivo
- Suitable for researches such as Stem Cell/ Spheroid 3D Culture and Cancer Research /Cell Signaling / issue Engineering / Regeneration / Cell Delivery
Product Characteristic

Environment Closest to In-Vivo

New-concept 3D cell culture system overcoming the limitations of 2D cell culture by providing environment similar to body
Manufacturing cell-deposited implant Smooth supply of nutrition and oxygen on 3D culture system

Application of Casting Mold

- Excellent reproducibility of 3D culture creation result in uniform shape
- Producing culture customized for 96-well plate and 24-well plate

Transparent & Flexibility

Compatible with imaging
Bright field, Immunofluorescence, Tissue Staining

Retrieve the cells

Retrieving 3D cultured cell
Various follow-up tests such as gene and protein analysis after 3D culture by using dissolving buffer
Using Cellrix® Viability Assay kit for measuring proliferation, viability, and cytotoxicity of 3D cultured cell
Kit Composition
Product Name Purpose Capacity Cat no.
3D Culture System
96well kit
(Cat no. B1000-096)
Bio-Gel Hydrogel for 3D Culture 5ml B1001-005
Casting Gel 3D Culture Gelation 50ml x 2 B1002-050
Casting mold 1pk(12set) B1003-096
Firming buffer 50ml B1005-050
Dissolving buffer 3D Cell Culture & Retrieving 20ml B1004-020
Spatula 1pk(12set) B1014-021
※ Kit components can be purchased separately

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