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Viability Assay Kit
Product Name
Viability Assay kit
Cat no.
5 mL
Product Explanation
Test our new and more sensitive colorimetric cell viability assay!
- Highest sensitivity
- Less cellular toxicity
- Easier and quicker : One ready-to-use bottle
- Re-use of cells after colorimetric measurement
- Viability analysis on classical or organoid cell culture
  • Highest Sensitivity
    Higher know-how with MediFab’s special know-how
    (Uses same ingredients as D Company’s WS-8)
    Free sample for 100 tests!
  • No Toxic to Cell
    Safe for both cell and experimenter → No need to use DMSO!
    Cells staying healthy in 24-hour cellular reaction
    Supports multiple time point assay
    Supports additional tests such as gene and protein analysis after test
  • Flexibility
    Comparing OD value for cell count using HL-60 cell (floating cell) → Higher accuracy
    Applicable on suspension cell!
    Applicable for checking cytotoxicity of various drugs and material extracts!
    For checking cytotoxicity!
    1 year in refrigerator / 2 years in freezer
    Long stability
Simple & Fast
Just take out from refrigerator!
Just add-and-read의 one bottle kit / One bottle kit for just add-and-read / Check the result within a hour!
Procedure Preparation Add Dissolve Measure Handling Time
- Add reagent
- Measure
Thaw Reagent
Add reagent
- Measure
MTT Prepare reagent
Add reagent
Dissolve MTT
  • Q
    Where can I apply this?
    It is applicable on almost all cells (except plant cell)
  • Q
    Recommended cell number & incubation time
    Proliferation assay :
    Adherent cell - 10,000 cells/well/1~2 hrs, Suspension cell - 2 x 104 ~ 105 cells/well/3~4 hrs

    Cytotoxicity assay :
    Adherent cell - 5,000 cells/well/1~2 hrs, Suspension cell - 104 ~ 105 cells/well/3~4 hrs
  • Q
    Is there any influence of phenol red?
    There is no intervention from phenol red in culture media
  • Q
    How long can I store this?
    You can keep it for 1 year in a refrigerator and 2 years in freezer
  • Q
    Is the cell toxic?
    The agent involves almost no toxicity and it does not damage cell even after long incubation time After the test, it can be re-used on other tests such as neutral red, crystal violet assay, and DNA fluorometric assay
  • Q
    What wavelength is used for measurement?
    Optimum wavelength is 450nm
  • Q
    Is this applicable on 48-well or 24-well?
    Yes you can. Add media in 1:10 x
Product components : Cellrix® Viability Assay Kit
Component Assay Catalog No.
5ml x 1 500test B1007-500
5ml x 3 1500test B1007-1500
5ml x 5 2500test B1007-2500

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