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3D culture System Test Service
  • Optimized Culture Condition
    - Uses Cellrix 3D Culture System to establish culture condition suitable for user’s cell
    - Applicable on all 96-well, 24-well, and bio coat
    - Optimizes culture condition through screening on various cell counts and culture concentration
    - Optimum culture organ or spheroid form
  • Culture Section
    - Uses Cellrix 3D Culture System to make slide using the section of culture that completed test
    - Culture section supports both paraffin or crysosection
  • Culture Staining
    - Supports Hematoxylin and eosin stain(H&E) service after culture section
  • Cellrix Co-Culture
    - Culture’s property and cell when more than two cells are cultured using 3D Culture System
    - Establishes condition for co-culture without cell death
    - In case of co-culture, more than two types of cell can be mixed on one culture or 96-well and 24-well kit can be used at the same time to separate culture and co-culture
    - When necessary, cell can be retrieved for the requested analysis

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