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Measurement and Analysis Service
Freeze Dryer
Main Specification
Main Functions
Pressure-type touch
Easy to analyze data with drying tendency
Quick and convenient defrosting
Quick drying by creating temperature below -80℃ within 30 minutes
Freeze-drying on acidic material by installing Acid Rap
Ice capacity 10L
Totally Ice capacity 12L
Condenser Temperature -70 to -85℃
Ext. Dimensions 800 x 705 x 860 mm
Refrigeration 1 1/4 HP
Electrical 220V 60Hz, 230V 50Hz
Option Drying Chamber Multi Drying Chamber / Drying Chamber / Clear Drying Chamber / Heated Drying
/ Clear Drying Chamber/ Heated Drying Chamber / Manifold Chamber
Product Shelf PH1316
Vacuum pump ISL136(196LPM) /ISL201(283LPM)

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