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In-Vito Test Service
  • Cell Toxicity
    - Measures testing material’s toxicity on cell
    - Measures cell activity through direct method using eluate or indirect method
  • Cell Adhesion
    - Measures whether the test material’s surface is suitable for cell adhesion
    - Measures the level of adhesion by inoculating cell on test material’s surface through direct method
  • Cell Proliferation
    - Measures cell activity by monitoring on the test material’s influence on cell for a long time
    - Supports direct method or indirect method using ranswell depending on the test method
  • Cell Migration
    - Examines how test material influences on cell migration by analyzing cell migration rate
    - Tests cell in gap closure assay method
  • Inhibitory Concentration (IC; Concentration Determination)
    - Treats test material for each concentration to optimize IC-grade concentration (ex.IC50)
  • Mycoplasma Test
    - Measures cell contamination rate by invisible mycoplasma

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